The Blessed Boys-Pre-Show Groove

Tu Me Diste Vida - Riosquad

A New official video by our brothers from Riosquad. Crazy blessed. Share, like and Comment. 


I’ve been reading many Articles, blogs, and tweets of so many Pastors speaking on the difference between Religion and the Gospel as if they are in competition with each other. Is absolutely crazy to me that Pastors would dare to speak and try to bash other people’s religion as if Christianity is not one. As a Christian Catholic I am so grateful for having Catholicism to lead me, and remind me of the Grace’s, teachings, the words and lifestyle left to us from Christ our Lord. God has blessed me with a Church where I am able to confess my Sins and Repent, Receive his true body and Blood, and Pray the words he taught us. My prayer is we all repent and keep repenting until the day God judges us whether Religious or Not.

"Be There" | Dy-Verse ft. Paradox, Sammy Blaze, Gloria Valladares

Tu Me Diste Vida Official Remix - RioSquad ft. Mission, Gato Edit, and J-Julian

Speak by Alverlis from New Name Music, Great Song. 

New Interview with Rapper Dy-VerseCMC - “Like” him on facebook

Real Rap 

Take a look at another video by Christian Catholic Rapper Dy-Verse. Upcoming Interview with him coming soon to the blog. Blessings

Upcoming Interview

The Upcoming Interview will go deeper with Catholic Christian MC @DyVerseCMC - “Like” him on Facebook at and Take a look at his music More Coming Soon!  Grace